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We are a team born of the recognition that marketing is the intersection of Art and War. We believe too many have forgotten we are all born creative and triumph in business demands not only our grit but also our inspiration and passion. Likewise, we must acknowledge that brands are playing to win and market share will not be freely given. It must be claimed.

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We believe as Sun Tzu taught, that the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting ‐ to win first and forever in the heart and mind. For this reason, our process begins by creating clarity around your brand. Why does your brand exist and what does it stand for? To what extent do those ideas live within the way your brand communicates? A brand that resonates with power and clarity draws a line in the sand and demands we make a choice.


Strategy First. Then Tactics.

Sun Tzu also taught that victorious warriors win first and then go to war. This requires looking closely at the big picture and deciding, first, what it means to be victorious. We identify how success is measured in the short and long term. We can then forge a path that keeps the ultimate victory in mind at every step along the way. It will require patience and discipline to wage our campaign but we can go forward without fear because we will know we are heading in the right direction.